The Lekan Bakare Foundation, in collaboration with the Recycling Scheme for Women and Youth Empowerment (RESWAYE), is excited to invite you to endorse, support, and donate to our upcoming Community Beach Clean-up project happening at the coastal community of Folu Village, Ibeju-Lekki, in honour of the International Coastal Clean-up Day 2022. The Theme for this year’s event is “Clean up the mess on the beach and help to reduce the amount of garbage that gets into the ocean by hauling it away”. The International Coastal Clean-up Day on September 17 is a promise to bring cleanliness and purity to nature. The day was started to raise awareness about the growing pollution on various beaches of the world. International Coastal Clean-up Day is the largest cleanup drive for beaches and coastlines. Some of the few benefits of the celebration of the International Coastal Clean-up Day are cleaner beaches/coasts, less pollution, networking, and aid to the local economy. The objective of this project is to encourage/educate members of the community to remove waste and debris from the beach, washed to shore by the ocean or littered by the community itself. The goal is to encourage behavioural change towards pollution and to raise awareness of the harmfulness of plastic and solid waste in our oceans. We would appreciate your support and participation in this project.