8 May, 2024

More than 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with oceans. And as a result, this plays an important role in climate regulation, supporting of biodiversity and sustenance of life on our planet. However, despite the importance of the oceans, they still suffer pollution from human activities such as unhealthy fishing patterns, destruction of habitat and climate change. This has made the need for ocean conservation crucial.



Ocean conservation includes a number of activities targeted at protection of the marine ecosystem. It prioritizes the safeguarding of biodiversity, restoration of degraded habitats, enhancement of more sustainable fishing methods and general reduction in pollution. Addressing these issues is the best way to help in ensuring the long-term health of the lives under water.



One of the most serious threat to the ocean health is overfishing and use of unhealthy fishing practices. Through the activities of overfishing, the depletion of fish stocks continues to soar as the marine ecosystem suffers collapse. This can be combatted by putting in place healthy fishing regulations, improved fishing methodology which leads to sustainable healthy oceans.



One major concern for ocean conservation is pollution. Millions of tons of plastic waste, harmful substances and debris are released into the oceans, thereby posing a serious threat to the marine life and ecosystems. The worst of them all globally is plastic waste. The plastic waste when released into the oceans harms the marine animals through entanglement and habitat destruction. There are several ways to address the issue of plastic ways which include: promotion of plastic bottles recycling, setup more effective waste management infrastructure, etc.


Climate Change:

Climate change has deepened the effects of threats facing our oceans which include sea level rise, coral bleaching and acidification of the ocean. One of the major cause of coral bleaching is rising temperature. To minimize the impact of climate change on the health of oceans, measures need to be put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the coastal ecosystem and defence against sea-level rise and storm surges.


Human Activities:

Furthermore, we should ensure ocean conservation through minimizing human harmful activities such as the over-exploitation of marine resources, habitat pollution, release of harmful substances into the ocean. There should more campaigns promoting sustainable practices and protecting the marine ecosystem.



Ocean conservation is now a global concern. Businesses, government, coastal communities and individuals needs to come together in partnership to address the root causes of ocean degradation. It is imperative that we do all we can to safeguard the biodiversity and the beauty of our blue planet for generations to come. The time is now.

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